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Determination keys of the genus Psychopsis

adapted by Jean-Marie, based on the following papers Rationate for this page:
When seeking to identify some of my Psychopsis(Oncidium) plants, I found these two determination keys in the litterature. I would not dare to discuss the respective value of these keys written by  prominent orchidologists. I’ve no reason so far to favour one or the other. Thus I've posted both of them on this page. I hope it may be of some you for you. Next time you determine a species of Psychopsis, you may like to browse through both keys, compare the results and make your own opinion. Please share your observations with other amateurs, send me your comments . Cheers, Jean-Marie.


P. krameriana , P. papilio , P. sanderae , P. versteegiana

N.B. (natural) hybrids are not uncommon in cultivation ! See e.g. Lecoufle’s paper, p 301 for discussion

Determination key based on the paper by the late Marcel Lecoufle, Orchid Review, Nov.-Dec. 1994, 102(1200): 299-303 back to top
A Column with pectinate wings on both sides, lacking any glandular appendix
P. versteegiana
A’ Column with glandular laciniations (fringes)
B Wings with all laciniations glandular
P. sanderae
B’ Wings with only two laciniations glandular
C Inflorescence with a round stalk
P. krameriana
Inflorescence axis flattened
P. papilio

End of determination key

Determination key based on the paper by Dr Guido J. Braem, Charles & Margret Baker; Orchids; June 1998, 67(6): 606-619 back to top
1 upper portion of inflorescence flattened
1’ upper portion of inflorescence terete
P. krameriana
2 inflorescence (at least in the upper region) with distinctly thickened nodes
P. versteegiana
2’ nodes of inflorescence not thickened
3 column wings with numerous glandular appendages
P. sanderae
3’ column wings with only one pair of glandular appendages
P. papilio

End of determination key

I’ve so far included few pictures, as I’ve been unable to locate good diagnostic pictures to illustrate these keys.

Here are some pictures of mine:
Psychopsis versteegiana (Peru) front - detail - sideview

If you have demonstrative pictures, please let me know. I’ll be delighted to add a link from this page to your website…

CULTIVATION of PSYCHOPSIS species back to top
 links to the information sheets by Charles and Margaret Baker

P. papilio :

P. sanderae :

P. versteegiana :

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